Youth and Family

 Working with young people and supporting their creative, safe, loving learning and living experience here on Earth is important to me. 

As with all information we share with children, I recommend guardians giving these videos a listen themselves prior to sharing them as learning materials. I do believe strongly in telling the young people who come to learn with me the truth about the world and our place in it. As a parent/guardian, how much they know and how they learn it is important to you. I am most definitely tone appropriate. I do, however, encourage this form of review as great practice! There are a lot of things on the internet. I recommend getting into this practice as a normalized part of information review and welcome working with my material as a way to get started!


Note: This activity also sets the space for dynamic exchange between you and them on the material, especially if you have practiced it first. I know that many parents/guardians are moving into/through home education as part of our world shift. Having taken the time to digest the material yourself can be a great way to give yourself the space to generate engagement questions or plan fieldtips/other connected learning experiences.

Please note that I am also available to work with young people and families in 1:1 session. 


I am currently delivering family learning series whose purpose is to support easy access, fun, helpful material for young people and the people who support them. We have been getting together for group calls every few weeks. For more information on that, click here:

These first few videos are examples of what we do when we get together! (Please note, we never record the image/voices of participants. We also have one guardian/caretaker present for zoom group calls.)

Plugging In To the Planet

I recommend that all learners working with this section begin with this video! In it, I lay out the groundwork of 'getting focused' and 'plugging into the planet' to which I refer throughout the remainder of the series. We also discussed 'senses', what they are, and how we sometimes are able to feel things with our 'invisible body' (energy body/auric field) that tells us things about the world around us. We learn about why it is important to take care of our energy bodies and auric fields.

Our activities for this session were:


1) Plugging into the planet and learning how the planet is a crystal

2) Our auric fields! How to feel ours, clear ours, and how they feel different from other peoples.


Plugging In To the Planet (Video) 

Keeping High Vibe Home and Sleep Spaces


Sleep time and waking up in the middle of the night weirdness are two common themes of working with energy aware young people. This video is all about how we can create high vibe home and sleep spaces and is jam packed with tools and information to support their energetic autonomy. 


The format of this particular video is conversation and information that is essential for parents/caretakers interspersed with activities most definitely focused at our young friends (but good for everybody). Reviewing this information and then working through the exercises yourself first helps you understand how to make it even more grounded and understandable to them. 

Pt.1: Introduction and welcome: Welcome! We begin with a new exercise which is calling in a big ball of light from the crystal core of earth to clean out our spaces and bodies.


Pt. 2: Transitioning into Smooth Bedtime Approx: 5:00-22:00 We begin our conversation about bedtime. This part is all about working with crystals and animals to help us create high vibe bed spaces and a nice big crystal bed so that we can have good dreams while we sleep. There is some background here for parents about young people and their astral lives and what we are able to do to help keep things clear.

Pt.3: Why Do Children Sense So Much at Night? (23 minute mark): Introducing DRAGONS as friends to help support energetic autonomy. 


Pt. 4: Welcoming Unicorns (30 minute mark): There is a unicorn companion for every child in this planet should they wish to have one. In this section, we call forth the unicorns and we practice feeling them with our sense. We talk about how they felt different than our dragon friends. We speak about how we can ask the unicorns to bring rainbows into our houses and do an exercise on how! 

Pt. 5: Sasquatches Helping Parents  (51 minute mark): To conclude our discussion, we share about sasquatches as beings who are here to help parents, caretakers, and spaceholders keep their homes together. Sasquatches are a lot like us in terms of how they operate and understand families. They are skilled travelers and are especially talented at supporting astral spaces and timeline stabilization. They come to this broadcast to remind all parents, but especially gatekeeping ones, that there is help to keep their family timelines in order. You are not alone.


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Emerging Light is a forum series that was created in January, 2018 by myself and Julie Roberts (Inner Space) The linked compilation of videos are the result of our very first digital forum that was held in April, 2018. It features practitioners who are involved in education, child-care, and training. Each contains home practices and exercises that you can implement into your lives and practice in this now. It is hoped that one day this collection will grow into a library.



In order to facilitate a smooth viewing and practicing environment for you, we have created this digital access pack with videos you can replay time and again. Below, you will find the name of each presentation, digital access links you can follow to access it, and a little bio about each presenter. Google Drive version:


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