Disclosure and Veil Shift

One of the most exciting parts of being here, now, are the truths that we are able to support being welcomed in.

What do we mean when we say disclosure? To me, disclosure represents the unveilling of 'covered' truths such as the longstanding evidence of giants in the USA (check out the Smithsonian records), the presence of life in space (and our ongoing connection to it). It also can mean releasing information about the spiritual/energetic connections of  contemporary power structures and their roots in galactic history.


This part of my body of work is connected to faciliating understanding on the ways that earth energy structures (and earth istself) came to be an interface zone for our universe. I also share extensively about interactions with elements, elementals, ets, and the earth structures/old system themselves. 

Part of my contribution to disclosure has been to travel this world (and universe) unhooking people, energy structures, and pathways from the old archon system. I also build, connect, and create in the new!! In recent months, I have come forward with more information on my 

My Testimony, Part 1:


My Testimony, Par 

Veil shift, on the other hand, typically means releasing the energetic patterns that used to keep us plugged in to what was referred to as the 'archon system'. Please note that the testimonies above reflect parts of the history of that grid and its creation. So too does the resource 'Connecting In'. 

Supporting people in the unplugging/purification process is a HUGE part of my open access and private session/skills training focus.

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