Connecting In: Powering Up Ourselves and the Grids

"Connecting In: Powering Up Ourserlves and the Grids" is an information booklet that you can use in this now to support your understanding of the earth's energy system. In it, I give a basic rundown of what the grids are, how you can connect to them, and what the connection is between vibration raising and ascension!
If you have been interested in my videos and writing about star alignment, wanting to learn more about why we meet on gateway dates (or what those even are), this is a great place to start. The material is family friendly and easy to understand.
The book is in three sections, each about ten pages each. The third includes practices that you can use NOW to anchor in!
I want to thank Sonya Julie for creating an ebook version of this offering. You can find it on Scribd, Itunes, Amazon, and Kobo. You may also access through this link directly to a google drive folder where I host it: