Ascension Ceremony, Teamwork, and Gateway Alignments

As I share in 'Connecting In', joining together in ceremony has long been part of the management of the earth and her energy system. As we form the collective consciousness of New Earth and awaken from our slumber, this is becoming our job again. Not only do we use ceremony to take care of the earth and her energy system through the grids, but we also get to come together to call forth ascension next steps, do group healing sessions, and to help the earth population ascend!!!!

A big part of the reason I came out as a lightworker and did all that you find here is that I knew our knowing and loving participation in taking care of her (and ourselves) would be a key part of that! The public ceremonies and group lightworking activities I host are designed with that intention as their heart! Please feel free to join us at any time. (To get involved, find me on FB or 'follow' my blog IndiCrow Energetics where invitations and announcements are distributed.) I also host a FB forum called 'Love Wave' where this is our topic of attention. All choosing love are welcome!

In this section, you will find some basic information on what ascension ceremony is, why coming together in groups is important, and of course tips on how to facilitate your own work. I have also shared some links to favourite ceremonies that I have recorded with you over the years. Tuning in to them now still allows you to tune into the energy flow as well as to learn more about how all of this works.

*This is a living library. I am adding to it as we go!*

What Is Ascension Ceremony:

The Power of Together:

Gateways, Gridwork, and You (Us):

New Earth Ascension Ceremony (collective action):

Here is a link to additional videos that can be found through my youtube channel, IndiCrow Energetics:

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