Ascension Basics

Ascension is a term that is popularly used to discuss the process of raising our vibration, clearing our energy bodies, and releasing the 'veil'. We do this for ourselves and the planet. 

Material Summary

In this section, I have linked some of my best materials describing what ascension is and its basic stages. Each material includes a 'tool' component to support your learning and embodiment.

"Our Awakening Energy Bodies and Ascension"

"What is Ascension?"

"Daily Energy Practice for 5d Plus Life"

"Feeling Like Shi(f)t o nthe Path: (Sickness and Spiritual Journeys"


"Separating Worlds: Waves of Bifurcation"

"Dark Night of the Soul And Illumination"

"Tests, Initiations, and Flow: How To Tell If You Are in Alignment (or not)"

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