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My name is Katie IndiCrow. Welcome to my open acces energy library. It is built with some of the 'best bits' that I have created as part of my sharing.  


As you scroll the site, you will find images that quick-link you to skills materials. These materials are grouped into 'themes' that are in high rotation/discussion in our community. They will change/be built into as we flow. They currently are: Youth; Disclosure and Veil LIft; Earth Grids; and Ascension Basics.

My Three Main Projects

IndiCrow Academy

IndiCrow Academy is the home to my online education training materials. 

There are 'study now' options as well as group classes/calls where you can come and make new friends! (See below for upcoming classes)

Head on over to https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com to see what I have on offer. 

IndiCrow Community

IndiCrow Community is an online community forum that I host for members to this page, students at the Academy, and those interested in ongoing learning and teamwork. We have an ever changing focus, streaming convefsatoin and interaction around what is inspiriing us. Currently, plants, Sasquatches, energy activism, lifesyte. (music/yoga), disclosure, and personal energy practices are the main themes of discussion. Want in? Email katieindicrow@gmail.com for more information!

IndiCrow Energetics

 IndiCrow Energetics is my main sharing zone. It is also home to my 600 plus images, practices, videos, tools, and updates that comprise my body full body of open access work. 

Subcribe to my blog and/or head on over to my FB page of the same name to stay in touch!

Open Access Library Quicklinks


Additional Projects

Upcoming Learning Focus

Deep breaths and flashing water.__A mome


For any questions, to access training materials or to inquire about private training, you may email me at indicrowinfo@gmail.com

For access to my writing, information on appointments/sessions, and energy updates see: www.indicrowenergetics.com and/or www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/. You may also email me at indicrowinfo@gmail.com to book in.

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